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STEP - 01 :- Before making a purchase

We advise our customers to check with their local 
authorities about import regulations and duties pertaining to the intended purchase vehicle. Customers can then choose a vehicle from our stock list or specify their requirements (make, model, year, color, mileage, etc.), and we will provide them with a high-quality, inspected vehicle ready for export.


STEP - 02 :- Once we receive an inquiry

We will respond within 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) via email, WhatsApp, or messenger. We encourage our customers to ask any questions they may have regarding the purchase. Upon request, we will provide details of the vehicle, including an estimated cost, shipment details, and any additional costs related to the shipping procedure, such as pre-shipment requirements.


STEP - 03 :- Once the intended purchase

Vehicle’s details are confirmed, we will send an invoice with consignee name, item specifications, prices, and terms and conditions. Customers are advised to review the invoice before making payment to our bank account in Japan, providing your sales representative with a bank transfer or TT scan/photocopy.


STEP - 04 :- Upon receiving payment

We will reserve the ship and inform the customer of the shipping schedule. Please note that the timeline of shipping from our port to the customer’s port is not guaranteed and may change. We will handle all formalities and process the export of the vehicle. Once the car is shipped, we will provide the customer with a copy of the Bill of Landing (BL) and all other original documents via courier service with tracking number for parcel tracking.


STEP - 05 :- Customers are responsible

For contacting their customs broker or local customs authority to complete the clearance procedure of their car and submit the received documents from us.